topologic package

topologic.connected_components_generator(graph: networkx.classes.graph.Graph) → Generator[networkx.classes.graph.Graph, None, None][source]

Returns a Generator that will provide each component as a networkx.Graph copy

Parameters:graph (networkx.Graph) – The networkx graph object to create a connected component generator from
Returns:A Generator that returns a copy of the subgraph corresponding to a connected component of graph
Return type:Generator[networkx.Graph]
exception topologic.DialectException(message)[source]

Bases: BaseException

exception topologic.InvalidGraphError(message)[source]

Bases: BaseException

topologic.largest_connected_component(graph: networkx.classes.graph.Graph, weakly: bool = True) → networkx.classes.graph.Graph[source]

Returns the largest connected component of the graph.

  • graph (networkx.Graph) – The networkx graph object to select the largest connected component from. Can be either directed or undirected.
  • weakly (bool) – Whether to find weakly connected components or strongly connected components for directed graphs.

A copy of the largest connected component as an nx.Graph object

Return type:


topologic.number_connected_components(graph: networkx.classes.graph.Graph) → int[source]

Returns the number of connected components in the Graph.

This function calls the appropriate newtorkx connected components function depending on whether it is Undirected or Directed.

Parameters:graph (networkx.Graph) – The networkx graph object to determine the number of connected components for
Returns:number of connected components (and in the case of a directed graph, strongly connected)
Return type:int
class topologic.PartitionedGraph[source]

Bases: tuple

A PartitionedGraph combines a networkx graph object with a global community partitioning for that graph.


Alias for field number 1


Alias for field number 0

topologic.diagonal_augmentation(graph: Union[networkx.classes.graph.Graph, networkx.classes.digraph.DiGraph], weight_column: str = 'weight') → networkx.classes.graph.Graph[source]

Replaces the diagonal of adjacency matrix of the graph with the weighted degree / number of vertices in graph. For directed graphs, the weighted in and out degree is averaged.

Modifies the provided graph in place as well as returning it.

Param:The networkx graph which will get a replaced diagonal
Parameters:weight_column (str) – The weight column of the edge
Returns:The networkx Graph or DiGraph object that was modified in place.
Return type:Union[nx.Graph, nx.DiGraph]
exception topologic.UnweightedGraphError(message)[source]

Bases: BaseException