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# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
# Licensed under the MIT license.

import csv
import numpy as np
from typing import List, Tuple, Union

[docs]def tensor_projection_writer( embedding_file_path: str, label_file_path: str, vectors: np.ndarray, labels: Union[List[List[str]], List[str]], encoding: str = 'utf-8' ): """ Writes an embedding and labels to a given vector file path and label file path in a form that Tensorboard embedding projector can read :param str embedding_file_path: Path that the embedding file will be written :param str label_file_path: Path that the label file will be written :param numpy.ndarray vectors: A embedding represented as a np.ndarray :param labels: A list of lists where each inner list is the data for a single row in the embedding or a list of strings where each string is the single label for that tensor. If you pass in a List[List[str]] you allow multiple labels for a single tensor. :type labels: Union[List[List[str]], List[str]] :param str encoding: The encoding used to write the file """ # write vector file and label files separately np.savetxt(embedding_file_path, vectors, delimiter='\t', encoding=encoding) # per python docs newline='' must be specified, see: footnotes with open(label_file_path, 'w+', encoding=encoding, newline='') as labels_file: csv_writer = csv.writer(labels_file, delimiter='\t') for label_line in labels: if isinstance(label_line, str): csv_writer.writerow([label_line]) else: csv_writer.writerow(label_line)
[docs]def tensor_projection_reader( embedding_file_path: str, label_file_path: str ) -> Tuple[np.ndarray, List[List[str]]]: """ Reads the embedding and labels stored at the given paths and returns an np.ndarray and list of labels :param str embedding_file_path: Path to the embedding file :param str label_file_path: Path to the labels file :return: An embedding and list of labels :rtype: (numpy.ndarray, List[List[str]]) """ embedding = np.loadtxt(embedding_file_path, delimiter='\t') labels: List[List[str]] = [] with open(label_file_path) as f: csv_reader = csv.reader(f, delimiter='\t') for label_row in csv_reader: labels.append(label_row) return embedding, labels